Ticking off the Top 7 Historic Attractions in Brussels


Brussels is Belgium’s capital and the largest city in the country. It is a cosmopolitan city with a renowned art scene that has been vibrant for several centuries. History and culture enthusiasts cannot afford to miss sampling the charms of this city especially after snagging those hard-to-come by last minute holidays from Ireland. A notable trait of this city worth a mention is that a great many of its walls are painted with comic characters such as the lovable Tintin along the city’s famed Comic Strip Trail.

Here are some travelling tips for a magical experience in the heart of the European Union:

Sample Culture at Grand Place


There is no other place in the entire city that perfectly spells the word culture than the Grand Place. The guild houses there have superb Gothic architectural designs. The Golden Tree is an outstanding site that was once a brewery. Check out The Bag, which was a residence for cabinet makers, before leaving the premise.

Travel Through Time at City Museum

The City Museum in Brussels has a neo-Gothic feel. It consists of the King’s House, which condenses several centuries into a few minutes of walking through. Here, you’ll get to view a rare collection of paintings, gold ornaments and wall-hangings. Fashion lovers are in for a treat because the 3rd floor is entirely dedicated to more than 800 cultural outfits.

Unravel History at Mannekin Pis

This is a statue of a very small boy (approx 61cm tall), but it has managed to reserve a special spot in Belgium’s history. It’s essentially an amusing lucky charm. However, it has experienced its fair share of troubles. It was abducted in two separate occasions in the 18th century and then shattered to pieces in the 19th century. It was later remodeled and today, it stands tall (or is it short).

Enjoy Art at Horta Museum

This museum was actually the residence of Victor Horta, acknowledged Belgian designer, at the beginning of the 19th century. During this time period, it served as a house and a studio. The architectural romance that Horta had for the place is displayed through the twisting iron staircases, elegant furniture, curved glasses and vintage paintings.

Embrace Gothic Splendour at Town Hall

This building hides many secrets from the medieval era. If it could talk, it would definitely reveal the guildsmen who build it and, of course, the French invaders. At night, the building glows and provides a rare spectacle. The detailed stonework creates magic that adds a touch of heaven to the street-scape.

Drink to the Past at A La Mort Subite

Contrary to its name (which means sudden death in English), this bar is a one-of-a-kind establishment. Enjoy Belgian beer there while re-living the past in the glamorous ambiance. The interior decor is also simply to die for(pardon the pun). The tables are made from polished wood, the mirrors from brass and the globe lights are the icing.

Be a Native at Cefé Belga

Yes, you can be a Belgian too. Even if it’s just for a brief moment, visit the Cefé Belga for a chance to unwind with the natives. This cafe is amongst the most frequented in Brussels by locals, tourists and expats. To grasp a view of the nearby lakes, sit on the terrace. The kind of music played is also jovial, and provides a relaxing way to wind down a day spent exploring the city’s many attractions.

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