Thailand Tres: the North


Thailand Tres March 29-April 21
We were able to touch LIVE tigers at the Tiger Kingdom near Mae Rim. It was amazing and I think our photos look FAKE but we were really there touching and lying next to two LARGE tigers!!
We also were able to feed Elephants. They are so enormous. We watched them have a bath and in a show. They can paint pictures, play soccer and we saw how they were used for logging. It was truly amazing. We went to three Sunday markets in Chiang Mai and for some reason I ate FRIED CRICKET! Tyler said it takes like Lays Potato Chips…but if you are wondering IT DOES NOT!

We also went to Khao Yai (Big Park in Thai ) We had encounters with many wild animals…some were better than others. Seeing several gibbons flying at the tops of the trees while holding their babies was special and at lunch we saw a male juvenile elephant eating leaves from a tree while we were at a look out tower. Twice we saw Hornbills which are enormous and beautiful birds. The hundreds of leeches that were on the forest floor were not our favorite. Leech socks protected us from ALL but one who crawled onto my baby toe and had a blood snack. YUCK! Gemma said I was brave and calm especially when I took a leech off her chest. What a day in the park.

George and I are now both certified in Lek Chaya Nerve Touch Thai Massage. We took a five day course and now can give a 1 1/2 hour Thai massage! We even have certificates. We also took a full day Thai cooking class and made ten fabulous dishes. We are ready to buy a wok and start our own restaurant! Well maybe just cook Thai dinner! The class was at Chili Club with tons of personal attention and now we can make all our favorite dishes.
The Biggest Water Fight Ever
Songkran is the Thai New Year. It looks like a big water fight with huge water guns and buckets of water being tossed in the streets but it is also a religious holiday. We participated with our friends, Tyler and Gift, in the parade of washing the Buddahs. The Buddahs are brought from the Wats and washed to remove any of last year’s bad kharma and to bring good kharma for the new year. So people pour water on each other…it is now three days of all out water fighting around the moat in Chiang Mai with wet roads and wet cars and water EVERYWHERE..this holiday also celebrates the end of the HOT Season. We hope you have a year filled with GREAT KHARMA!

Our Third Month in Thailand
There is just so much to do in Thailand! We love it!! This was both our first time in the North of Thailand and we loved Chiang Mai.
We spent a few days in Pai and heard lots of live music. They were burning the crops so the air was full of smoke.
In Mae Hong Song, we met Martina who works with the UN Refugee committee and we were able to donate books and toiletries to the camp. Our friend, Tyler sells Thia silk scarves at
They are the best!! You can buy GREAT things from him!
We went to Sukothai and Ayuthathai on our way to Bangkok. It was amazing to see the large Buddahs and old cities BUT nothing like the 1000 year old hotel we stayed at in Lang Zhong CHINA! We have already been in five provinces and have has amazing experiences! More about CHINA soon!

Hope all is well with you! Email us to say hello!! See you this summer!
Lisa and George

Lisa Ellen Niver

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