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Welcome to my new series: TELL ME MORE ABOUT: where I will be sharing resources from my favorite past adventures around our planet during this time when we cannot travel due to COVID-19. Please enjoy the photos, articles and videos that I produced from these experiences. For now, I hope you find inspiration until we can all begin to wander around the world again.

Why was the Battle of Guadalcanal Important? Solomon islands
Lisa Niver learning to make shell money in the Solomon Islands.

Thank you or “Taggio okah rasuah” to the Solomon Islands Visitors Bureau and Susan Bejeckian for arranging my trip and helping me learn about the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Guadalcanal. 

What Famous History Happened in Honaira Solomon Islands 75 years ago?

The Solomon Islands are an archipelago of 900 islands between Papua New Guinea and  Vanuatu. Most Americans would fly from Los Angeles to Nadi, Fiji on Fiji Airways and then to the Solomon Islands. Another choice would be to fly to Brisbane, Australia and then to the Solomon Islands.

Lisa Niver article on Smithsonian

I wrote about the Solomon Islands for Smithsonian Magazine! My article was called: Dive With WWII Wrecks in the Solomon Islands; 75 years after the Battle of Guadalcanal, walk in the footsteps of history.” I was so honored to be invited to visit and to write for Smithsonian. They used many of my videos in my article as well!

Roy Roush and Lisa Niver
Roy Roush, World War II hero, and Lisa Niver

I was able to meet a soldier who had been at the Battle of Guadalcanal through my father. I wrote about Roy Roush for Saturday Evening Post in an article called “ A World War II Hero Remembers Guadalcanal; World War II veteran Roy Roush recalls his frontline experiences at the Battle of Guadalcanal.”

Lisa Niver's Saturday Evening Post Article
MSN Lifestyle: 20 destinations that deserve more tourists

FROM MSN Lifestyle: Oceania – Solomon Islands: Next month, the Solomon Islands will be celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Guadalcanal – one of the deciding battles in World War II – making it a special time to visit. What else does the place have to offer? “I went scuba diving, learned to make shell money, and spent time at a cultural village,” says Lisa Niver, travel expert and writer at We Said Go Travel.

I spoke with FOX NEWS for their article, “9 Amazing Beaches you’ve probably never heard of,” and my story and photo was listed as #3. Kennedy Island, Solomon Islands!

I shared about my adventures in the Solomon Islands on an episode of The Jet Set TV .

I went on the radio show, “The Good Life” to talk about the history, culture and scuba diving in the Solomon Islands.

Enjoy my adventures in Solomon Islands on video!

Discovering Marvelous Munda in the Solomon Islands

Find out about what happened on each island in my We Said Go Travel articles:

Where to Go in Gizo, Solomon Islands?

Wondering about my VIDEOS?

CLICK HERE for the entire playlist!

Two of my stories about the Solomon Islands were nominated as finalists for the Southern California Journalism Awards in Summer 2018.

In the category B6b. SCIENCE/TECHNOLOGY REPORTING Lisa Ellen Niver, Smithsonian; Dive With WWII Wrecks in the Solomon Islands 75 years after the Battle of Guadalcanal, walk in the Footsteps of History and in the category J6. PERSONALITY PROFILE Lisa Ellen Niver, Saturday Evening Post; A World War II Hero Remembers Guadalcanal

Lisa Niver, Diana, Susan Bejeckian Photo by Gary McCarthy
Lisa Niver, Diana Ljungaeus LA Press Club, Susan Bejeckian, Solomon Islands Tourism
Photo by Gary McCarthy

I wrote about Solomon Islands in my interview for Travel Massive.

Please enjoy the photos and tweets below from when I was the host of a Twitter chat about the Solomon Islands:

Thank you or “Taggio okah rasuah” to the Solomon Islands Visitors Bureau for arranging my trip and helping me learn about the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Guadalcanal. 

Lisa Ellen Niver

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