Holidays are here! What to gift the tech-loving traveler


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Technology has truly transformed travel. We’ve become more independent and in control of our own experiences while on the road; but do you know someone who takes it to the next level? They always pull out the coolest (and most useful) gadgets and you think to yourself “why didn’t I think of that!?” This gift guide is for those people!

tech-lovingIf there was ever a water bottle that does it all, Hydra Smart Bottle is it! Need a lantern while camping? Hydra. Or some tunes while riding your bike? Hydra pairs with your smartphone. Maybe you want some soothing bedtime music and mood lights? Hydra is capable all these things and more. I can’t say enough, how important quality, all-in-one products are for travelers with limited space. This could be the most useful water bottle to date!

$49.99USD from ThinkGeek (normal price: $59.99)


tech-lovingHow many times have you tried to start the engine of your car only to find out the battery is dead? How often have you
found yourself about to make a REALLY important call only to realize your phone has died? If only there was something that could solve both these problems which come up at the least opportune moments. The seriously impressive JunoJumper V2 is a portable phone/tablet charger with the power to jumpstart a car! 300 amps will power-up almost any 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder engine; afterwards you can re-charge JunoJumper via the usb cable included in the package. A pretty big life-saver when on the road!

$99.99USD from ThinkGeek

tech-lovingWho can bother with a bunch of cords these days? Especially if you’re whole life must fit into the space of a 60-liter backpack. Best to go Bluetooth or go home! The Barricade Mini from SkullCandy boasts 33-feet of wireless Bluetooth ability and six hours of rechargeable battery life. Not to mention, this little speaker can take a beating; it’s impact and water resistant. Because travel can be rough at times!

$39.99USD from SkullCandy



It’s a cruel joke: traveling means hours and hours aboard buses, trains and planes but can you really carry around a bag of books to pass the time? Maybe. Though here’s a better idea: Go digital! The all-new Kindle Reader from Amazon is one of the best investments a traveler (or a traveler’s loved one) can make! It’s incredible easy and affordable to download the newest bestseller or a classic from as little as $2.99 wherever you may be in the big open world.

$79.99USD from Amazon

Help the tech-loving traveler in your life do what they love! 2017 will be a year for exploration and discovery! 

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