New Zealand: The Daily Grind

New Zealand: The Daily Grind

My phone buzzing around 7.40am is the call to arms. The text comes through “walking this morning?” Whether I go or not, every morning at 8.00am a group of not-so-young women meet at the Khandallah Park swimming pool and begin their ascent. We are no Hillarys or Tenzings but the climb up Mt Kau Kau … Continued

New Zealand: A Note to Mother

A Note to Mother By MaiLynn Stormon-Trinh Hello, Mother Nature. I am getting to know you well here in New Zealand and these two little pieces of land hanging off the bottom of your swollen body. You’ve taught me it is possible for all of your beauty and, occasionally, all of your tragedy to fit into … Continued

My New Zealand Adventure And the People in that Magic Land

This is an entry in the We Said Go Travel Writing Contest written by David Temianka from the USA. Thanks for your entry David! As the jet engines roared 30,000 feet above the small island nation of New Zealand, my heart throbbed with anticipation and excitement. I was traveling with my father and his orchestra, … Continued

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