Memories Regarding Virginia

Memories Regarding Virginia

Humble prayers were made on our corner of Highpoint Drive and Windfall Lane. A family of nine, a van in neutral, coasted out of the driveway to save on gas before rolling any further past the red stop sign at the street’s end, paused momentarily in the dark. This is how I remember beginning vacations. … Continued

Virginia: The Mid-Lothian Mines

History off the Beaten Path – The Mid-Lothian Mines For visitors to Richmond, the capital city of Virginia, there’s lot to do – museums, history tours, shows, restaurants. But I’ve always liked to travel off the beaten path to find the places not on the tourist brochures. If you’re like me, wanting to see those … Continued

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Thailand: Inertia

If there are two other people on the pristine white beach with us in Koh Phangan, Thailand, we consider it crowded. I lay on my back on my thin blue sarong, absorbing the rays of a midday sun so brilliant I still need my shades on, even with my eyes closed. I run my fingers … Continued

Virginia: Riverside Park on the Mount Vernon Trail

Some people find freedom by traveling all across the world, from one continent to another continent, and one ocean to another ocean. Yet, for me, all it takes is a three hour drive down from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Lynchburg, Virginia to find freedom. I discovered Riverside Park on the Mount Vernon Trail with my girlfriend, … Continued

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