Vietnam: No Nhe Regrets

Vietnam: No Nhe Regrets

No Nhe Regrets – A short time in Mui Nhe Even though this is a place that was a short stay, I believe my time Mui Nhe, Southern Vietnam, was well spent, I did what I wanted to do,  fulfilling them days and having no real regrets on doing more, or feeling the need to stay … Continued

Angkor Wat: A Journey of Life and Beauty

Walking through the Angkor Wat and experiencing its majestic nature felt like a lifelong ambition of mine had been completed. I arrived by tuk-tuk in the mid-day tropical sun, beating down upon me and the surrounding complex as if God himself relinquished all his power and energy to show me, in all its glory, the … Continued

Phanomsarakham, Thailand: My Grain of Inspiration

 This is an entry in the We Said Go Travel Writing Contest written by Moses Utomi from America. Thanks for your entry Moses! Anyone can write about a meteor hitting the Earth; only a writer could write about a grain of sand hitting the beach and make it feel just as impactful. For us writers … Continued

Bangkok in the Pouring Rain! (video)

Video: Bangkok in the Rain Watching the rain from Rambuttri Village Inn lobby seemed like being on a movie set. I had never seen it rain so hard for so long. People were walking into the lobby soaking wet. It almost seemed like the movie, The Truman Show, where someone stood over you with a … Continued

From Patong to Hua Hin, Thailand (video)

Video: From Patong to Hua Hin, Thailand We arrived in Phuket, Thailand and stayed at Phuket Tropical Inn under the Full Moon. Lindsey is a tremendous resource and full of great information. After two days, we traveled by bus to Hua Hin to visit our friend from Los Angeles, the famous artist, Jeremy Kidd. Although … Continued

Bali to Thailand on Air Asia

Video: Bali to Thailand on Air Asia Our two months in Indonesia went almost as quickly as this video of the flight from Bali to Phuket, Thailand on Air Asia! The islands of both countries are so beautiful. We spent July-August 2012 in Bali and Lombok, Indonesia and September 2012 in Thailand. Our stories, photos … Continued

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