Travel and Leisure: How Travel Healed Me After My Divorce

Travel is for EVERYONE! Lisa Niver on Travel Goals Podcast

Thank you Pip for inviting me on your podcast, Travel Goals Podcast for Travel through the ages – why adventure isn’t just for young people! Travel is for EVERYONE! Do you want to have more adventures but don’t know where to begin, travel expert, author and YouTuber Lisa Niver is here to help! In this … Continued

Niver In PRINT: Blog Bytes August 2022 Jewish Journal

Thank you to the Jewish Journal for publishing me online for over twelve years. Since they resumed print publication in Fall 2021, I have been in the Blog Bytes section more than twenty-four times! Here are the two issues that I was in during August 2022: Jewish Journal August 5, 2022: p. 28 From my … Continued

Feeling Icelandic at Sky Lagoon Iceland

Want to experience Reykjavik the Icelandic way? Make sure to soak in the thermal waters with the 7-step ritual at Sky Lagoon! On my way to Sky Lagoon 🇮🇸Iceland I had always heard about the lagoon experiences in Iceland and it was on my bucket list to go try it out. I went to the … Continued

Hula-hooping around the World!

Are you wondering what is in my luggage? I travel with a hula-hoop! I have taught children in a village in Vanuatu, Maasai Warriors in Kenya, hooped at the government house in Palau and at a prison in the Philippines! Every time I bring out my hoop, there are always smiles, laughter and new friends! … Continued

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