Niver In PRINT: Blog Bytes Spring 2023 Jewish Journal

Niver In PRINT: Blog Bytes Spring 2023 Jewish Journal

Thank you to the Jewish Journal for publishing me online for over twelve years. Since they resumed print publication in Fall 2021, I have been in the Blog Bytes section more than thirty-three times! Here are the three issues that I was in during March & April 2023: Jewish Journal March 10, 2023: p. 28— … Continued

The Poet Maggie Smith Makes This Place Beautiful

Thank you Maggie Smith for joining me on my podcast! What now? I am out with lanterns, looking for myself. But here’s the thing about carrying light with you: No matter where you go, and no matter what you find—or don’t find—you change the darkness just by entering it. You clear a path through it…. My life is … Continued

New Zealand: New Zen

New Zealand New Zen The inspiration to travel was first beckoned by New Zealand. There isn’t a single one point that was the calling, but rather the entire entity of the spirit. Perhaps it was the incredibly intrinsic Maori culture hosting a melting pot of peoples across the world. After finally making the trip of … Continued

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