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Maori CarvingNew Zealand New Zen

The inspiration to travel was first beckoned by New Zealand. There isn’t a single one point that was the calling, but rather the entire entity of the spirit. Perhaps it was the incredibly intrinsic Maori culture hosting a melting pot of peoples across the world. After finally making the trip of my life from Honolulu, Hawaii to Auckland I realized it was the whole of it; the heart of the lost land, displays of prehistoric ferns about as if fern gully fairies would buzz out from the steam of volcanic activity and the dinosaurs of land before time would be seen grazing along with sheep in vineyards lightly dusted with the first snow of winter. Everyone was incredibly open and warm despite the chilling weather, a hearth of generosity gushing. Gluten Free Friendly nearly everywhere we traveled, both north and south Island. New Zealand has it all, City life, rich ancient history still very much alive and thriving among the modern aged adornments of pleasures we seek like lush hotels and shopping. Everything was vibrating on a higher level, clean crisp air, rumbling earth. In those moments traveling the open road in our rented camper van complete with kitchen and bath these musing came to mind and slowly dripped like a brew of roasted coffee beans.

Dare to seek those places yet known within the open spaces of existence. The tumbling out of skeletons within, unleashed run wild with natural mystic flow allowing the deep well of inspiration to froth at the surface. Dance the dance of earthen play, cultures tangled and frayed, maybe, but atlas points the compass rose a direction surely not yet known. Taste bitter the pain of pleasures unfolded like petals of the sweetest roses prick releasing unbridled passion for the wanderers lusting. Chocolate, powder, prismatic ices, sink under epidermis dipping the bass line undulating waves of breath hot with mastering the art of life.

Cosmic connections continue currents casting cold calculated contouring.

Apricot Sky

Dragons Flying High

Puff & Tongue Out

Melted Mirror Glass

Trees of Shadows Cast

South Island given visions

All is one

The revolving sun

We lay our memories down

Hanging breathes

Forgotten pasts

Alive again at last

drum drum

I see you and I know

You have a story to tell,

Your eyes beg to spill

The tales of what have brought you to this place

Are the crinkles in your hair from the wind that blew through trees

Far beyond eyes of the moon

There still hardened

Earth mashed from tramping on your soles

Dare I say the lead of your day was a fool in love with you.

Fishing lures and golden gals

Dampened halls of lore, spitting fires

High top flowers below a silken sky…

A pyre of lush and lusts turned ash

Breath you never drew

Sipping sitting skipping stones

We are the ones you once knew.

Blonde grass binding sheep

Emerald green rivers flow

Jade stones with ruby to find

Red red wine and the creamy cheese

Earths wooly friends

Company by the fire sharing chocolate

Mental notes creating a song to sing for the rest of time

My love gave of roses taking on the thorn, just to see a smile

Most warm

New Zealand New Zen my dreams are filled with you!

Pioneers of city streets & goblet dreams

Masks of fortune

Told o coming markets gold

Lucky luster’s

Breaking ice

Carrying the fire old.

About the Author: Lace R. Coop. At the age of 21, the Travel Bug bit me. The winds of change and breeze of the abandoned wild blew through my young blonde locks inspiring me to sell everything, quit my job, leave the Midwestern town I grew up in and wander the great wide open! You never know if you never truly try, so why not LIVE to the fullest and fill your cup with the bubbling zest of TRAVEL! Flying on the wings of thrill. Hoop Dancer, Writer, Graphic Artist, Foodie, Wino, Luster of Life. LETS GO! Visit my blog.

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