Australia – The Place to Go

Australia – The Place to Go

Ask me, “Why go to Australia?” and my response would be “How could one not want to go to Australia!?” As both a country and a continent, Australia is gigantic, encompassing an area of 7.692 million square kilometers/ 2.97 million miles squared, or five percent of the world’s land mass. What it packs into that … Continued


The Great Mid West, Australia

 The hot wind lashed against my face as the bike raced up the wide open highway.  I’d been in fifth gear for 30 miles now, and the radiating engine singed the hairs on my leg.  We were hoping to reach Kalbarri by nightfall, but we were already under a ripe mango sky. Anna and I … Continued

Summer in West Australia

A famous Australian Playwright -Dorothy Hewitt commented that it’s going to the ‘blonde’. Which means that grasses and shrubs are dried because summer heat is a natural version of peroxide, bleaching the color from everything? Eventually even the suburban front lawn becomes beige and hibernates in its summer coat. People in Sydney people would ask, … Continued

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