Zipkick Bloggers: Paula McInerney

Zipkick Bloggers: Paula McInerney

      Zipkick Bloggers: Paula McInerney Where was the first place that you traveled that made you think WOW—travel is amazing (think history book come to life or …..) I traveled to Samoa because I had read a lot of Somerset Maugham and this is the place that I had set my heart on. The rest is history. … Continued

Goddess of The North

It was mercilessly cold. The Night Sky was hopefully clear. (Yes, that is the correct usage of the word “hopefully”). This was the moment of truth: tripods, cameras, warm gloves, a fire going strong, hot soup and patience. Lots of it. We had no idea how we would react on seeing one of the most … Continued

Norway: A Glimpse between Winter and Spring

In my travels, among many things, I also look for magnificence, it activates my life inspiration. The world’s various forms of beauty are sometimes shelters from these continuous human failures, from the human despair and from the the destruction of beauty itself. Sometimes they are triggers for virtuous actions. Travelling, being also an exploration, allows … Continued

Norway: Luck, the Aurora and Me

Luck, the Aurora and Me: An Experience of the Northern Lights Embarking on the ferry from Copenhagen that took me overnight to Norway ignited that sickeningly sweet adrenaline rush of anticipation that comes only when something you have looked forward to for so long suddenly becomes real. I mean, Norway?! The Northern Lights can be … Continued

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