Marvelous May: Memorable Journeys and Momentous Moments

Marvelous May: Memorable Journeys and Momentous Moments

Marvelous May News 2023 with Lisa Niver & We Said Go Travel: Thank you to Travel Classics Ireland and Tourism Ireland! A giant thank you to Maren Rudolph for creating and running this amazing conference and to Ruth Moran and Fallon Griffin and the entire Ireland team for an amazing event and tour. Go raibh maith … Continued

Saving Our Planet One Lionfish At A Time

How can you help our planet? EAT A LIONFISH! I interviewed Alex Fogg, THE FISH GUY, who I first met at the DEMA Dive Conference when he was a speaker about LIONFISH, an invasive species in the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea. Alex is a marine biologist who is part of the team at Destin-Fort … Continued

Walking with Andrew McCarthy

Happy Launch Day to Andrew McCarthy and WALKING WITH SAM Get your copy of WALKING WITH SAM at Amazon, Barnes and Noble or Bookshop An intimate, funny, and poignant travel memoir following New York Times bestselling author and actor Andrew McCarthy as he walks the Camino de Santiago with his son Sam. Enjoy our interview: Lisa Niver: … Continued

Springing into Success: My Blooming Awards Collection

April News 2023 with Lisa Niver & We Said Go Travel: I am grateful to have been recognized with several prestigious accolades this Spring. I am honored to be #11 on the Best Travel and Lifestyle Blogs List! Thank you Afluencer for naming me the #3 Top Travel Influencer for 2023 Thank you Feedspot for naming … Continued

#11 in 100 Best Travel and Lifestyle Blogs 2023

Thank you Feedspot!I am honored to be #11 on the Best Travel and Lifestyle Blogs List! 100 Best Travel Lifestyle Blogs and Websites Congratulations on the outstanding achievement of being ranked #11 of the 100 best travel and lifestyle websites! This recognition speaks volumes about your hard work, dedication, and passion for sharing your experiences … Continued

What You Do Matters! PADI Save Our Ocean Pledge

Happy Earth Day! What you Do Matters! Join with PADI in the Save the Ocean Pledge, learn more in my interview below with Katie Thompson, Global Director, Corporate Social Responsibility at PADI “The pledge is a personal commitment to say YES! I’m going to help create balance between humanity and ocean. I’m going to respect … Continued

Aliza Licht on being the Chief Brand Officer of YOU

Thank you Aliza Licht for joining me on my podcast! “It’s never too late to start over. We hear stories all the time of people later in life going back to school for something completely new and different…You get one life, but many chances.”  Both of Aliza’s books train you to be a publicist for YOURSELF! I learned … Continued

Thank you Afluencer #3 Travel Influencer 2023

40 Top Travel Influencers of 2023 Thank you Afluencer! I am honored to be your #3 Travel Influencer of 2023. From the USA, Lisa Niver is an impressive award-winning travel expert and writer who has explored 102 countries and 6 continents.  Niver started her global podcast, Make Your Own Map, on Dec 30, 2022 and … Continued

The Poet Maggie Smith Makes This Place Beautiful

Thank you Maggie Smith for joining me on my podcast! What now? I am out with lanterns, looking for myself. But here’s the thing about carrying light with you: No matter where you go, and no matter what you find—or don’t find—you change the darkness just by entering it. You clear a path through it…. My life is … Continued

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