12 Must-Experience Tonga Moments, Part 1

Uoleva, Tonga

12 Must-Experience Tonga Moments, Part 1

Brass notes hit us before the heat, rushing loudly through the opened airplane door. “Who called out the band?” I asked my boyfriend.  Polished tubas and trumpet bells glinted under the airport floodlights.  Above the instruments, locals cheered and waved frantically from a second-story deck. Smiling graciously, I felt like a celebrity, not a tourist. … Continued

New Zealand: 134 Meters of Fear

When the wind rushes over the gorge, our metal box shakes like dice in the hand of a desperate gambler. Nervous, antsy. The constant jostling, suspended 134 meters (439 feet) above the craggy ravine of the Nevis Bluff, is forcing a similar emotion in my intestines. Should have used the toilet, I lament. But there … Continued

Take Me Back to the Black Hills of Dakota

This is an entry in the We Said Go Travel Writing Contest written by Kelli Mutchler from the USA. Thanks for your entry Kelli! Norbert Mutchler’s name is one of thousands carved into the white headstones that line the Black Hills National Cemetery.  Small plastic flags and individual red carnations are the only decorations.  On … Continued

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