Helping Nepal: Earthquake Devastation in Rasuwa

Helping Nepal: Earthquake Devastation in Rasuwa

It has been just over a month since the magnitude 7.4 earthquake struck the poverty stricken country of Nepal.  In the time since, people still have not received help as the rugged landscape and lack of infrastructure has made it nearly impossible for rescue crews to get to the most remote villages.  In most cases, the … Continued

Hoori Haus, Nepal

Stroll about Thamel, Kathmandu’s labyrinthine tourist quarter, and you’ll be surprised by the number of Chinese shoppers and hip Nepali partygoers. Where have all the hippies gone, you may well ask. You’re unlikely to find them in the urban crush of modern-day Kathmandu, the dusty vapours of which have all but obscured the Himalayan peaks … Continued

Nepal: Bless You Yoko – Bye Bye Babu

I am up in Katunje in the Himalaya Mountains of Nepal. It is a tiny mountain village that I have written about previously. Many times. The noise of little children arriving at the school downstairs awakened me early. There was a lot of giggles and laughing. It was 5.30am and the sun had yet to … Continued

Nepal: Dance Practise

The girls sit in a line in front of me, eagerly watching the instructor as he starts to explain the task. He walks around the open hallway in front of them carrying a handful of items that the girls know well, such as an embroidered scarf, a ceramic round water jug and a metal plate. … Continued

Nepal: First Month

Click here to READ the entire recent Newsletter: We Said: Hello from Nepal Hello from the UNESCO World Heritage site of Boudhanath, outside Kathmandu (photo above.) The dome of the stupa is 120 feet in diameter, and 43 meter in height. (why the brochure uses both feet and meters is almost as confusing as Nepal’s … Continued

Cavemen on the Trisuli

I nearly died in Kathmandu one winter.  Or I certainly felt as if I was about to expire.  Walking in the new city one fine late winter morning, weak from dysentery and generally feeling the aftermath of months of travel, I found myself holding a telephone pole while traffic roared past on a wide boulevard, … Continued

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