Nomad No More: Time to Be Jewish

Explore with Erin NOMAD NO MORE with Lisa Niver

Nomad No More: Time to Be Jewish

Thank you to Erin from Explore with Erin for including me in her series Nomad No More. Click here to read the interview on Explore with Erin   I met Lisa at a conference several years ago. She was filled with so much energy and enthusiasm for life. During a rough time in my life, she reached … Continued

Ohio: A Thousand Miles Away

The rolling, green hills creep past my windows while I leisurely drive along the winding road, occasionally passing a pick-up truck. I have the local country station blasting as I sing along, “Makes me wanna take a back road. Makes me wanna take the looong waaay home.” This peaceful slice of countryside has a calming effect … Continued

America: Home Healed Home After Hurricane Sandy

Sometimes there really is no place like home. Following a tumultuous week of evacuation and anxiety, we were on our way home. The bridge to our island opened at dawn. Traffic reports indicated long lines of cars slowly snaking across the causeway. Impatiently waiting until early afternoon to venture back home, we sighed in relief … Continued

Indiana: It Is Here

Suddenly I am there. My end destination lies less than a mile ahead, but this is the piece that will take me there, the piece that has gotten me this far. Without anxiety I move forward. Each movement welling a memory within me. Each passed feature cherished as an old friend. It is here that … Continued

Canada: Child of the Wind

This place is my home. I love it here. I am infatuated with the smooth, curved logs that form the walls of the Ranch House. I am entranced by the cool, fading orange-brown oak of my cabin floor. I am hooked on the smoke that billows from the copper-coloured kitchen. Spider webs, thick glass windows, … Continued

Freedom: The Place I call Home

Freedom: The Place I call Home I used to think that going for a music festival abroad with friends, heading to the countryside for the weekend or even skydiving was the ultimate meaning of being free, of being independent. To be honest, and now looking in retrospective, many things I did were merely brief moments … Continued

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