A Bhutanese Awakening

A Bhutanese Awakening

Fluttering like the wings of the majestic dragon upon it, the fiery tones of the Bhutanese flag projects against the crispy clear blue November sky. In its wavy shadow a male dressed in the traditional Gho retouches the intricately painted wall tapestries at the entrance of the grand Tashichho dzong monastery in medieval metropolis of … Continued

Hoori Haus, Nepal

Stroll about Thamel, Kathmandu’s labyrinthine tourist quarter, and you’ll be surprised by the number of Chinese shoppers and hip Nepali partygoers. Where have all the hippies gone, you may well ask. You’re unlikely to find them in the urban crush of modern-day Kathmandu, the dusty vapours of which have all but obscured the Himalayan peaks … Continued

Himalayas: Stone God

Like an injured animal crawling on its belly, our vehicle was cautiously inching along. Outside, contours of the mountains were wet with tearing rain while inside, our cheeks were the same with tears. None showed any signs of abating. Clasped palms and quivering lips in focused devotion were desperately trying to evoke the attention of … Continued

Himalayas: Devi Darshan

It had rained all through the night and though the dawn opened dull and damp, as the morning gained momentum, the mood of the mountain improved substantially. The steep rise to the ridge through a bridle path bordered with prickly bushes and punctuated by silvery streams had taken a toll on my city-bred system used … Continued


Ladkah, India: Leh Ahead

This is an entry in the We Said Go Travel Writing Contest written by Nisha Punjabi from India. Thanks for your entry Nisha! One look from the air and I saw the hills splashed with white cream. Carefully and evenly – like mum use to do it. This snow from hilltops melts every summer providing this … Continued

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