On the banks of Ganga in Rishikesh, India

Hardiwar, India: Discovery of the Self

Growing up, all of us want to believe we are special … special in our personality …special in our choices, special in the way we shape our lives… Bestowed with a well-educated independent upbringing, a fairly successful career, I am now the Urban Indian stereotype- the caring wife, the ‘Nurturer’ in a nuclear family; complete … Continued

Water-Borne Love in Varanasi

Water-Borne Love in Varanasi Awe. It’s not a three-letter word. More like a three-letter feeling that is known to inject rapid bursts of Faith, Hope and Love, into disillusioned grown-ups and children. Now the story I am about to narrate does not involve ravines, Burning Men or shooting stars. This particular story is simpler, shorter but … Continued

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