Pennsylvania: Ranch dressing

Pennsylvania: Ranch dressing

The stuffed moose over the fireplace looks down on us in cross-eyed bemusement as we enter the main reception of the dude ranch. The smell of saddle soap, barbeque and the great outdoors pervaded throughout and we know we have arrived, if not in the Wild West exactly, certainly outside the city limits After 3 … Continued

Colombia: Mud, Sweat and Tears

You can dress a puddle of mud up how you like. Call it a “mud spa”, “a mud volcano”, even a “mud fountain” if you want-but essentially, it remains what it is-a puddle of mud. These are my thoughts as I stood on the wooden steps of the 15 metre El Totumo mud volcano in … Continued

Medellin, Colombia: City of Hope

“A woman was shot dead in this bar a few years ago” says my host brightly, passing me a plate of empanadas and a beer, “She was sitting right where you are now actually”. I resist the urge to leap out of my seat and head for the nearest airport. Medelllin, Colombia (pronounced Med-e-jin ) … Continued

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