Somewhere to Sleep: Catba Island, Vietnam

Somewhere to Sleep: Catba Island, Vietnam

Darkness surrounds me, and I am alone. Rain pounds down around me, and I know that my backpack is getting wet; I lost my pack cover a few weeks ago to a gust of wind. I feel a building sense of dread – will I find a place to sleep tonight? I had left my … Continued

Barefoot Freedom: Redwood Trees in California

Barefoot Freedom: Climbing Redwood Trees in Santa Cruz, California by Amberly Young The sun has just set and a soft blue glow radiates from the heart of the forest. My feet are bare and I feel the moist earth beneath my soles. These trees are hundreds of years old, I think to myself as I … Continued

Australia: The Climb

Australia: The Climb My neck hurts from looking up so much. “It’s high,” I whisper to my husband standing next to me. “It is,” he says more confidently than me. My shaking hand grips the cold metal rebar and I start to climb a tree that is higher than Niagara Falls, a twenty story building … Continued

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