Bodh Gaya,serenity and awakening in India

Bodh Gaya,serenity and awakening in India

Every time I visit and spend time in Bodh Gaya,certain serenity soothes my mind and provides me time for radical reflection.When you visit Bodh Gaya,you should know that,more is there to mentally feel than to see from eyes.Accommodation and traveling depends on how deep your pocket is,but when you prefer average accommodation like me,mosquitos might … Continued

Sitamarhi, India: Faith Rules The Town

Ramayana- the Hindu epic presents the story of God Ram and Goddess Sita, who survive through several odds, win over the evil and spread the good. The journey to the birthplace of Goddess Sita was adventurous. The Air India flight landed safe on Bihar’s capital Patna at 1 PM and we had to travel another … Continued

India: There’s Something About Lord Buddha That …

Touristy holy places demand a certain reverence even from atheists and visitors of different religions. But what happens when flippant tourists fail to differentiate a museum from a mausoleum? In most cases, guardians of the sanctum will take the culprits to task, or devotees themselves will play moral policemen. Even if a scuffle does not … Continued

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