May 20th: Writing opportunities from Hourglass, Writer’s Digest and more!

May 20th: Writing opportunities from Hourglass, Writer’s Digest and more!

As another week comes and goes, let’s take a look at some of the exciting writing contests, events and opportunities out there! WSGT’s new Travel Writing Award July 4, 2016 We’ve been busy promo’ing our new Independence Writing Award! It’s been shared via Johnny Jet’s Contest Round-up, USA Today’s Best Current Travel Contests, and through institutions like the … Continued

Dreaming in Barcelona, Spain

The constant going of time has a petrifying effect. It worries me so much I end up diving even more into the dark swallow of inaction where I imagine there are undying puddles of steaming tar that bind me to the nothingness even more. Then, the cells in my body shout out all at once, … Continued

Time Is Of The Essence in Spain

One cannot forget the ignitable burst of energy, hope and tangible unknown of your very first and independent travel bug lesion; the breakthrough of the travel virginity being sacrificed, never to be returned or becoming again but only to be relived, heightened and revived for as long as you allow yourself to. To begin; put … Continued

Spain: Discovering La Rambla Barcelona

Groups of girls tittered and huddled together whispering. Middle-aged couples strolling arm in arm glanced then looked away. The agitation and flurry of interest seemed to be growing as someone in the ambulating crowd neared our table. Munching on paella and sipping sangria I glanced up to see what all the fuss was about. Down … Continued

Why I Am Thankful for Andorra

“We are going to die. We are going to slip off the road and die,” was the only thing that my friend Leland could say as he sat in the passenger seat of our rental car. Leland and I were traveling to Paris after several days in Barcelona. We decided that we would drive to … Continued

Amor Barcelona

My trip to Barcelona was a quick decision made while planning a month long holiday to London with my folks. I’ve been to other parts of Europe but never to Spain so Barcelona seemed an ideal breakaway to adventure out on my own and indulge my hunger for travel. I departed London on a cold … Continued

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