Insights from the Road: Business Insider and Lisa Niver

Insights from the Road: Business Insider and Lisa Niver

Insights from the Road: Business Insider and Lisa Niver

Thank you Business Insider for featuring me in a second article! A woman who went backpacking for 11 months explains how to pack light Lisa Niver of We Said Go Travel. Lisa Niver/We Said Go Travel Lisa Niver started off teaching science to elementary school students. Now, she teaches aspiring adventurers how to make the most … Continued

Zipkick Bloggers: William Tang

Zipkick Bloggers: William Tang Where was the first place that you traveled that made you think WOW—travel is amazing? The first time that I was truly wowed was definitely when I went on exchange to Sweden and had a chance backpack though Europe.  The first city I went to Brussels and I remember being incredible impressed with Grand … Continued

Somewhere to Sleep: Catba Island, Vietnam

Darkness surrounds me, and I am alone. Rain pounds down around me, and I know that my backpack is getting wet; I lost my pack cover a few weeks ago to a gust of wind. I feel a building sense of dread – will I find a place to sleep tonight? I had left my … Continued

Traipsing Around Paris

I had to go to Paris because I’m going somewhere else. Yes, I needed a Schengen Visa and (they say,) the easiest way to get a multiple-entry visa is via the French embassy. And so the Paris trip happened. Honestly, I never really thought it would be a good idea to be roaming around Paris, … Continued

Earth and Chai in Hampi, India

Hatulah wore the same purple T-shirt every day. His name wasn’t really Hatulah, ‘cat’ in Hebrew, it was something else, an Indian name, but Israeli tourists dubbed him this because of his unique green, sea-glass eyes. Every time I passed him in the busy market of Pushkar, working at the falafel shop (because of all … Continued

New Zealand: Home Away From Home

When I got on the bus in the morning, I had a backpack, an empty guitar case, and no idea where I would get off. Franz Joseph Glacier was an endless expanse of turquoise blue. The morning sun’s rays glinted off the ice like porcelain waves. The silver crampons strapped to my feet left pinpricks in … Continued

USA: Towpath Trail Adventures

On Easter Sunday, 2013, my husband and I began our 110ish-mile trek from Cleveland, Ohio, south to New Philadelphia on the old Ohio-Erie Canal towpath trail. I was writing a book about an 1840’s mule driver, and wanted to replicate his journey. Somewhat. I’m fifty years old. I hadn’t backpacked for twenty-five years. And I was … Continued

Australia: The Second Shade of Blue

I’ve never seen anything so blue. The azure ocean stretched into an endless sky that filled my overwhelmed eyes. I soaked in the salty air, letting the breeze comb through my auburn hair as it murmured to me. The Twelve Apostles stuck out in random chunks across the shallow ocean floor. The majestic rock formations … Continued

Montana: Shimmering Still

Montana: Shimmering Still The light in the mountainous bowl shifted so tenderly, dusk seemed to last for most of the afternoon. After three months of being on the road, putting on my backpack for a trip into the subalpine terrain of Glacier National Park felt like a welcomed break. The hours of yellow and white … Continued

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