Panama Folio No. 1 [Green]

Panama Folio No. 1 [Green]

My Journals come in all sorts of colours. Folio no. 1 is a happy kelly green with gold stamped lettering. It remains my favourite one because it was my first one, and contains in its pages my first visits to Africa and the Middle East. Folio no. 2 is Schiaparelli pink with silver gilt. Folio … Continued

Panama Folio no. 2 [Pink]

I have had the great fortune in my life to be able to travel and observe the world around me essentially unencumbered by any limitations. I think it’s seminally important (not to mention super fun!) to see as much as the world as possible, and in doing so strengthening the ties between nations and more … Continued

Beltane: Excerpt from Dublin Street

The following is an excerpt from my book: Dublin Street, about my university experiences in Edinburgh and London. I picked this particular section on Beltane because it evokes the unique character of Edinburgh and how a city adapts it’s historical traditions into the modern city fabric. Other city celebrations scattered throughout the year include Burn’s Night … Continued

France: Bourgeois Bohemian

A recent foray into Paris saw me slightly off centre from my usual stomping grounds. Generally a Rive Droite sort of girl I decided to shake it up a bit, and no I didn’t casually cross a bridge to the left bank instead. In true bohemian spirit, I opted to take an apartment in Montmartre … Continued

Iceland: Transcendentalist 101

Iceland is one of those places where it is hard not to come over all transcendentalist. You have an inspirational landscape like nothing on this earth; from remote farmhouses set in lupine fields, to volcanic craters, glaciers, ice-blue hotsprings, black beaches and sand deserts, and to a decidedly urban bustle in Reykjavik, all rubbing along … Continued

Reykjavik: Literary Cultures

Reykjavik: Literary Cultures Certain things strike you when you are in a city for the first time. In Reykjavik, I was struck by the amount of books. I found it unusual for such a small linguistic area. It wasn’t simply that there were bookstores (albeit an increasing rarity in some places), but there were also … Continued

London: Legacy of Empire

The Legacy of Empire- At the height of the British Empire, London was the greatest city in the world. It wasn’t the prettiest (that was Paris or Vienna), arguably it wasn’t the most technologically advanced (Berlin was far outstripping it by the turn of the century) but it was London, the Port of the World … Continued

London Callings

London Callings ‘If you are bored of London, you are bored of life’ –Samuel Pepys The world is a very different place than when Samuel Pepys, dedicated diarist of the 17th century was chronicling. It’s gotten wider, flatter, more interconnected, and in it’s own way more interchangeable. The breath and reach of technology permeates our … Continued

London Callings: Originality counts?

Originality Counts? London is a city that has been wildly saturated by the global world. The five block radius around my apartment had no less than five starbucks, two pret-a-mangers, two Massimo Duttis, two Ranoush Juices, and I could go on for days. Its almost as much of a transplanted cultural dumping ground as Dubai … Continued

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