Heaven and Hell in a Day in Cambodia

Heaven and Hell in a Day in Cambodia

As kids – Vietnamese refugees in Connecticut – our parents warned us not to get too tan: “You’ll be dark like a Cambodian,” they’d sigh after we had baked outside all day. So when, decades later, I swerved into Cambodia from my Vietnam-to-Thailand path, I didn’t expect much. I wasn’t a backpacker who considered himself … Continued

Cambodia’s Temples Captured in Time

Cambodia’s temples captured in time and engulfed by nature Stepping amongst the rubble of the blackened stone structure, choked by creeping vines, it is hard not to sense the magic that clings heavy in the humid air. A secret garden of overgrown trees that hide mystical treasures of carved stone, secret paths and opening canopies. … Continued

Angkor Wat: A Journey of Life and Beauty

Walking through the Angkor Wat and experiencing its majestic nature felt like a lifelong ambition of mine had been completed. I arrived by tuk-tuk in the mid-day tropical sun, beating down upon me and the surrounding complex as if God himself relinquished all his power and energy to show me, in all its glory, the … Continued

Cambodian Creature Comforts

Our time in Cambodia was coming to a close, and our travels were in the homestretch. Myself and my partner, Elina, decided that a nice ending would be to visit the majestic temples of Angkor Wat in Siem Reap. We hired a Tuk-Tuk driver to pick us up at noon. This proved to be a … Continued

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