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Many years ago, I was a frequent traveller…in my dreams. I enjoyed seeing different places…in books. In reality, I was a prisoner. I was imprisoned by fear of exploring the world. I was in a lonely and dark place.

Luckily, that’s all in the past. Now, I can truly say, I am fearless and I am free. You can call me Steph and this is my not so private travel diary.

I have never been adventurous. The thought of travelling alone scares me. This is the very reason why I really had apprehensions when it comes to exploring new places. I have always been guarded and will always settle to just dreaming. That’s it.

Everything changed when I finally decided to brave the progressive and beautiful Singapore…alone. I was given a chance to stay in Singapore for a couple of months. And now, I can truly say that my experiences there changed my life forever.

When I decided to stay in Singapore and check out their culture, I had the time of my life. The sceneries, attractions, food and people were all wonderful. I never had difficulties in adjusting to their way of life. For me, the best thing about Singapore is the fact that the place seems to be a mixture of different cultures. Because of how progressive the country is, there are a lot of foreigners from different parts of the world. In fact, there are a lot of Filipinos too which really made me happy. To cut it short, I was able to meet people from almost all walks of life.

Aside from Singapore, I was also able to visit Malaysia. I only had to ride a bus to go to the southern part of Malaysia from Singapore, cool right? In Malaysia, I was able to see how similar the place is to my home country. I had fun exploring the place. It was truly an exciting adventure. It was freedom at its best.

During my stay in Singapore, I have learned a lot of things. First, there are so many amazing places that I should visit. Second, there are so many people that I should meet. Third, there are so many cultures and happy memories to experience. Lastly, I believe that the most important learning I got from my travel experiences in Singapore and Malaysia is that we all owe ourselves the experiences we can get from travelling the world.

Picture 616We need to be brave in experiencing other cultures in order to truly appreciate who we really are as a person. Through our travels, we are able to widen our horizons even more. Also, we get to exercise our freedom. My personal mantra now is: If you want to be free, travel more. Each one of us should realize how short life is to be a prisoner of fear. It is healthy to get out of our comfort zones once in awhile. The experiences we gain from our travels are truly priceless. These experiences will help us realize how beautiful life is.

The day I went back to the Philippines, I was able to say to myself that I was truly free and happy. My travel experiences freed me. I am hoping that you will find your freedom and happiness too!

Again, I am Steph and this is my story. It’s time you write your own travel story too. Enjoy!

About the Author: Stephanie Almeda is from the Philippines. She enjoys reading books and visiting new places. She works as a researcher and writer for a US company based in Manila. Read more of her writing.


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