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It doesn’t matter in what order you tackle this list, or how long you linger at each spot. But whatever you do, start your day with a hot Italian espresso. You’re going to need it.


1. The Colosseum
Let imagination take hold as you wander past the once bustling streets of the Forum. Close your eyes and hear the hustle of feet, breathe in the fresh smells of the market. Follow ancient footsteps to the gateway of the Colosseum, the Arch of Constantine. Take time to study the intricacies in the carvings of the Arch before making your way into the magnificent amphitheater. Once inside, climb to the highest point and take in the vastness. This is the place where great gladiators fought for their lives against their fellow man. Feral cats now call home to the rubble where pulley elevators once lifted their great jungle ancestors through trap doors up to the arena floor.

2. The Pantheon
Arrive to the Pantheon early. Start by taking a stroll around the perimeter and pause at the Fontana del Pantheon. Snap a photo, childishly mimicking the jovial chubby faces that spit water into the fountain. Head to the entrance of the Pantheon just as the employees gather together and struggle to push open the gargantuan solid metal doors. Upon entering, take a moment of silence to fully appreciate the echoing acoustics bouncing off of the coffered walls. Stand in the fingers of light piercing through the occulus of the dome. Know that you are the only person in the world currently doing so.

3. Trevi Fountain
Take your time wandering through narrow streets and towering dwellings towards the Trevi Fountain. Let curiosity take hold as you peruse local artisan shops and bakeries. Stop often to sample Gelato. Arrive at the infamous fountain and take time to thoroughly inspect the wonder from all angles. Be sure to bring a Euro or two to toss into the fountain. Legend has it this will ensure a return trip to Roma. Return after dark for an even more distinct sight of the azul waters glowing in the night.

4.Vatican/St Peter’s Basilica
Tap into your spirituality as you swim in the glowing spectacle that is St. Peter’s Basilica. Get lost. Somewhere between the elaborate perfection of Michelangelo’s marble sculpture of Jesus on the lap of Mother Mary and the golden Chair of St Peter, you will realize you have already been here for hours. Meander over to the Vatican museum to adore the biblical progression of the Sistine Chapel until the crick in your neck finally moves you on to the sublime works of Raphael. Get philosophical as you uncover hidden meanings in the School of Athens frescoes in the interior chambers.

5. Spanish Steps
The perfect place to round out any busy day in Rome, scale and conquer the Spanish steps. Make your way back down to the Piazza di Spagna and grab a slice or two of margherita pizza before lazing about and people-watching on the stairs. Journal your incredible journey as you glance upon the Fountain of the Old Boat, and take time to reflect on the incredible experience that is Rome.

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  1. There are so many things to be seen in Rome! 🙂 Unfortunately the Trevi fountain was in a process of restoration during my visit. I visited Galleria Doria Pamphilj instead. It is a gorgeous little palace in the center of Rome.

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