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WSGT‘s next Travel Influencers are Nathan and Sofia from the @AsWeTravel team! They are professional travel bloggers as well as the recent authors of “Round the World pre-travel guide


1.)Where was the first place that you traveled that made you think WOW—travel is amazing (think history book come to life or …..)

While my parents took me on many fantastic vacations throughout the US during my childhood, the first place I think of that impacted me the most was when I was in my 20s. I won an Alaskan cruise through my job in advertising. I took a helicopter ride to Mendenhall Glacier. It was incredible and like nothing I had ever seen.

2.)If you had unlimited resources, where would you go and what would you do? 

My dream would be to visit all of the continents. My first visit would be to Antarctica but I wouldn’t spend much time there. My next visit would be a few months each in Africa, then Australia, Asia, and South America. I would save Europe for last because I’ve been there a few times. I would also love to see the Southern Ocean, Arctic Ocean, and Indian Ocean.

3.)What were you afraid to do and how did you find the courage to overcome it? 

I didn’t learn to ski as a child. I took a skiing lesson while in my mid-30s and would feel somewhat confident getting on them again if there were easy runs.

@AsWeTravel Switzerland

4.)What apps do you use regularly that make your life easier? 

I love my weather app and enjoy checking the weather in the three other states I lived in. I also love my Fitbit app to keep me on track with my fitness goals.

5.)What place do you wish more people have seen? 

I have seen many amazing things but the one place that is so awe-inspiring is the Grand Canyon. It offers ecology, geology, nature, history and beauty all in one spot. It is not “touristy” in the traditional sense of the word.

6.)Best advice you have been given and by whom? 

“Always try your best,” from my parents.

7.)When were you surprised by the kindness of strangers on a trip? 

In the 1980s when I was a teenager, my parents took my sister and me to Walt Disney World (our second visit), Epcot, and the surrounding area. I mistakenly left my father’s camera bag (with his special Canon camera he bought while in Vietnam, flashes, tripod, film, etc.) on the Monorail. I don’t remember how soon after we left the Monorail that we realized it was missing. I do remember my dad not saying a word. We went to the Lost and Found and someone had returned it. My father was a person who was honest to a fault so that someone was honest enough to return the bag was wonderful.

@AsWeTravel Africa

 8.)What inspired you to travel for extended periods of time or live in a new country?

The longest trip I was ever on was for 31 days when our family was researching a move from Indianapolis, IN to either Colorado or Arizona. We drove first to Arizona, then to Colorado, and then back to Arizona. We drove over 7,000 miles and saw lots of interesting sites and had a lot of fun adventures along the way.

9.)I travel because….

It gives me a new perspective and sometimes a new appreciation for all I have. I love to see how different people live and what their norms are. My family has moved several times in the last six years (Chicago area to Washington state; Washington state to Indiana; Indiana to Arizona). We have all had to acclimate to the very different types of weather and climate (four seasons with cold and snow; rain and damp; dry and the heat); norms with regard to wildlife (rattlesnakes, gila monsters, tarantulas, and scorpions in AZ); and the different types of housing, recreation, seasons, and more.

@AsWeTravel is a comprehensive site for anyone who enjoys traveling. From first-time travelers, to well-seasoned travel enthusiasts, you will find As We Travel full of the latest advice, clutter-free city guides, and HD travel videos from around the world.

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