Train Hop in the USA

Jun 3, 2018

Eric Berry

How the Photo was Taken

Nikon D80. no editing or alteration

Photo Location

Rumford, Maine 10/10/17 at noon

About the Author

Eric Berry

My name is Eric Berry. I am a art student at the University of Maine at Farmington. I grew up in a small town in western Maine with the population of 400. I've done 3 different cross country road trips and I plan to do many more.

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2 responses to “Train Hop in the USA

  1. I wouldn’t encourage this type of travel. Many people die from train hopping. I certainly wouldn’t glorify this.

  2. This is dangerous, illegal, puts the crew and everyone at risk and should not be given an award. Go to the operationlifesaver website and you will see how terrible this conduct is. People sustain lost limb injuries, head traumas, loss of life for this type of idiotic behavior.

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