The South of Chile is magic

Jun 14, 2019

Lorena González Sagrado

How the Photo was Taken

I took this photo with my camera Fujifilm X-M1. I did not use any filter in order to alter the image.

Photo Location

After more than seven months travelling, I still can not forget what I felt doing the W trekk in Torres del Paine. The place is just breathtaking. I took this photo on 28th of March 2018. I had been walking for around two hours and a half in order to achieve the British viewpoint, my favourite part of the natural park. It was my last day there and I walked for more than ten hours with Andrea. We had met for the first time crossing the The Strait of Magellan three days ago. We talked five minutes and after discovering we both were interested in doing the trekk, we decided that camping with a complete stranger was a fantastic idea. At that point, I had been in South America only for two weeks and I could have not realised that I was in one of the most beautifuls scenes I was going to enjoy and, moreover, this was one of the most genuinic feelings I was going to experience during my whole trip. Listen to me: everyone should visit Torres del Paine.

About the Author

Lorena González Sagrado

Lorena González Sagrado is a Spanish journalist. After four years living and working in Amsterdam as a tour guide, she decided to quit her job and start a trip around South America. Photography is one of her hobbies and her trip is being an excellent excuse to put it into practice.

Website : @lorena.gonzalez.sagrado

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