The Rise to the Top in Atlanta

Apr 30, 2018

Tyler Wilson

How the Photo was Taken

The photo was taken on my iPhone 7 plus then uploaded and edited on my MacBook with Adobe Lightroom. I created my on presets and this photo has one of my presets applied to it.


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Photo Location

This is my FAVORITE photo to date. I was in Atlanta, Georgia at a popular mall in the center of the city. I go to Atlanta often to capture cityscapes and architecture. The reason this photo is so awesome to me is that it was actually taken off my iPhone. I didn't have my camera that day due to some complications and had to work with what I had. I saw this tall building while I was looking through this second story window and I thought to myself how symbolic it was. I, a young photographer that looks up to so many for advice and experience I pictured myself at the bottom of that building. The framed building in the center symbolizes the rise to the top and the end goal. It symbolizes success

About the Author

Tyler Wilson

Hi! I am an amateur photographer currently in college for business my dream is to one day is to travel and photograph the world with my camera and my wonder Australian Shepherd Kaci. Photography saved my life. Without it, I am not sure I'd still be here today.

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Twitter : tjw_creations

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