The ‘Namaste’ Boy from Tatopani village, Langtang Region, Nepal

May 14, 2019

Iuliana Marchian

How the Photo was Taken

I trekked the Tamang Heritage Trail, in Langtang, Nepal in October 2016. In Tatopani village, I met this little Nepalese boy. He seemed very busy that morning, chopping up a wooden stick with a kind of knife. When he noticed me, though, he stopped right away. He gently leaned forward and solemnly greeted me with a polite “Namaste.”

I grabbed my camera right away and quickly took some pictures of him. As I was trekking for six days, I used a compact, light camera – a Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-HX300 (20.1MP), easy to carry and with a 50x optic zoom. For shooting this photo, I used: ISO160, aperture priority – f/4.5, focal length – 25 mm, and exposure time – 1/60 seconds. I haven’t altered the photo by any means, I have just resized it to fit the current requirements.
Even now, when I look at this photo, I remember his smiling face. He would have wanted to say so many things but, due to our language barrier, he was unable to express all of them in such a short amount of time. His twinkling eyes, though, hide a huge curiosity behind his little hands: “Who are you?, Why your skin is so white?, What are you doing here?, Where do you come from?” are questions he would have liked to ask me if he could. He offered me a subtle smile instead, expressing everything he couldn’t put into words. Eventually, I failed when I tried to find out his name. He only wanted to greet a stranger with a traditional “Namaste.”

Photo Location

Tatopani Village, along the Tamang Heritage Trail, in Langtan region, Nepal.

About the Author

Iuliana Marchian

Iuliana is a passionate explorer, travel writer, and blogger (, based in Sibiu, Romania. Her life motto is simple: “We live only to discover beauty. All else is a form of waiting” (Khalil Gibran). Iuliana likes to travel at a slow pace and to remoter places. Riding a camel amidst sand dunes in a desert, that’s the moment she feels authentic. She has specialized in the Balkan /Middle Eastern countries, showcasing in her work remoter places of these regions.

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