May 21, 2018

subhash purohit

How the Photo was Taken

The photo is shot with Canon EOS 1200 D camera with Canon EF-S 55-250 mm IS lens,hand held.The shot is adjusted for brightness and contrast using Photoshop.

Photo Location

The photo is shot in the arid region of Bhuj-Gujrath-India,on 8-02-16 on 10.46 am. The photo is of two big rocks standing near to each other and look as if the rock on the right side is kissing the rock on the left on the cheek.This is the creation of nature which eroded these rocks for millions of years by heat,rain,cold and wind and so on.These eroded rocks took shape like this which show that the nature is the best artist.Here the horizontal line in between resembles as hand hugging the rock on the left side.These two rocks stand on a vast ground and can be seen from a long distance.Though arid this region shows presence of may species of wildlife and natural wonders.This photo is very special in the tour of Gujrath state of India hence I chose this.

About the Author

subhash purohit

I am,age 71,a Pharmacist by profession and now a serious hobbyist in photography,shoot most subjects of photography,like wildlife,macro,portraits,landscapes most.Usually take part in local,National and International photo competitions and have won 8 International(including 3 Bronze awards in Europe world photo competitions),4 National and 8 State awards up till now.Travel all over India and Bhutan.

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