Teakie Teak House In Chiang Mai, Thailand

Apr 9, 2018

Steve Conner

How the Photo was Taken

On a trip to Chang Mai Thailand I landed at Suan Bua Resort and was walking around admiring the beauty of the landscape when I saw this beautiful red teak house and bridge and so I had my IPhone SE with me and took the picture of the moment. Left my Canon T1i DLSR at the hotel but fond that my new IPhone took great pictures as well. I did some editing on my computer using Adobe Photoshop CS5 software for HDR photos.

Photo Location

This photo was taken in Chang Mai Thailand at Suan Bua resort a very beautiful place to relax, and see the beauty of their landscaping. It was taken on FEb 2017 at 1058 am as the sun was rising in the sky. I used the ambient lighting of the natural sun for the shot.

About the Author

Steve Conner

My name is Steve and I have been a freelance semi-pro photographer since 1997. I am a member of International Freelance Photographer Organization (IFPO #52489) I love photography and I focus mainly on Landscapes, flora fauna, nature/animals, mountains and people in everyday life. I love traveling and seeing new sights and challenges. I am always learning new techniques.

Website : https://www.viewbug.com/member/SteveC_Photography

Twitter : therev3

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