Swing Life Away in New Zealand

Jun 17, 2018

Jon Sharp

How the Photo was Taken

This photo was taken on a DSLR camera with settings ISO 100, aperture f/5.6 and shutter speed 1/250. The photo was then cropped slightly and had minor changes made to the light and colour settings on photos using a Macbook Air.

Photo Location

The photo was taken in Milford Sound, New Zealand in the early afternoon on the 29th of July 2017. After leaving our jobs in Wellington we ventured south in midwinter. Unsure of what to expect, we were luckily spoilt with incredible views of the New Zealand and weather that was kind to us as long as we remember our hats. Seeing one of the most spectacular views of this country, I decided to quick capture this shot with my partner playing on the swing. I feel the image shows all the things I love about travelling: freedom, charm and fun.

About the Author

Jon Sharp

A recent graduate in engineering, I have travelled 10 months to Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, New Zealand and Japan. Doing so I found a love for the world and a new love for photography.

Website : https://www.instagram.com/jonjoesharp/

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