Sunset in the Sahara Desert Morocco

Dec 17, 2018

Devorah Walker

How the Photo was Taken

I took this photo using my Iphone X. I did not use any apps to edit. I only altered the contrast and saturation using the iphone X photo options. Other than that, this poto took itself! I took this photo while I was climbing the dunes with my friend. I had my camera out looking for the perfect shot. She happened to be way ahead of me and when i saw how it looked, i told her not to move and snapped this photo.

Photo Location

I took this photo while on a camping excursion in the Sahara Desert of Morocco. This was taken at the campsite "Desert Luxury Camps". It is a beautiful oasis located in the Erb Chebbi dunes in Merzouga, Morocco. Merzouga is the last town just before you arrive to the desert.

About the Author

Devorah Walker

A New York City Avid Traveler on a continuous journey of self growth through seeing the world. Before I became a traveler, I was 'lost'. I had no idea who I was, what I liked or didn't like. The crazy part is, I didn't even know that I was indeed 'lost'. It wasn't until I started to leave my comfort zone that I realized there is so much more to who I am than my career, education, etc. I didn't realize I loved architecture until I visited Thailand. I always hated red wine until I had it in Italy.

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Twitter : devine_misses

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