Only a Moment of Pause in India

May 17, 2018

Sigfrido Corradi

How the Photo was Taken

I’ve used a Canon 5d MarkII with Sigma mm f/1.4 Lens on it.
I’ve developed the RAW image in Adobe Lightroom and in Adove Photoshop to achieve the right Black&White look.

Photo Location

I have portrayed these people during work on accommodation not far from the temples of Khajuraho (Madhya Pradesh - India). The work was done with a few primitive tools, all with great effort. It was enough to look in the eyes, few gestures, and the time of a photograph was the moment of a short pause. A moment of breath. Immediately after the shot, the photographed person asked me to follow him and also to portray the other people who worked with him, creating a moment of sharing where I could stay with them for a longer time than a fleeting instant. The last light of the day, the temples in the background, the silence, the absence of other people outside of us, created the unique atmosphere that I tried to capture with this image.

About the Author

Sigfrido Corradi

I am a passionate photographer, and light is the objective of my photographic research as a tool to emphasize the environment in which I am. My black and white approach is a "diet" of the image that allows me to simplify as much as possible.

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