… on the go! in El Salvador

May 7, 2019

Carla Bowles

How the Photo was Taken

This was taken with iPhone out the plane window. I love the blue so intensified it with the ‘light’ sliders in normal iPhone editing.

Photo Location

I was flying from Roatan, Honduras after a vacation and spotted this out the window, as we circled El Salvador’s capital before landing. It makes me think of seeing things from a different perspective and I never get tired of looking out plane windows.

About the Author

Carla Bowles

World traveler using international teaching as an excuse to see the world. I left Canada as soon as I graduated and have been living overseas for over 20 years....

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One response to “… on the go! in El Salvador

  1. Hi Carla,
    That was a magical moment captured by an expert. If I could say it, you practiced several times so as to perfect the shot, the blue is cool.

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