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May 3, 2019

Jase Wilson

How the Photo was Taken

For the photo I was travelling and had a simple kit; a Canon 6d with a 24-105 f4 lens. The photo was shot at a shutter speed slow enough to catch just a very slight sense of movement from the man on the left, and was shot at f7.1 to adjust for the depth of field.

I edited the photo in Lightroom, bumping up the shadows slightly, and adjusting for proper colour. Most importantly, I adjusted the photo to ensure the tower and horizon line which run a through the frame is straight.

Photo Location

I took this photo in Casablanca of the Hassan II mosque. It took a lot of effort to find the right tidal pool of water where I could capture bits of the crowd, yet still have the full mosque in the frame. There are strong leading lines towards the mosque, and the person on the left also creates a sense of movement towards the most important subject in the photograph, the mosque itself and the symmetry created by the reflection off the tidal pool. For many, their world's literally revolve around such an edifice, and I am hoping the photo captures this reality. On this day I probably took 3-400 photos of this mosque. This is what I love about photography, searching for the right perspective, looking for moments which tell a story, or give a slice of life.

About the Author

Jase Wilson

Jase is a Canadian currently living in the UK while working on a PhD in travel and tourism. Jase has driven from India to Singapore, and from Cape Town to Addis Ababa, lived in Kathmandu, Catalunya, Slovenia, and Denmark, and volunteered in tourism development in Vietnam. Adventure travel has literally hijacked his life.

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