Long desired/awaited reunion in Jasper National Park, Canada

Apr 8, 2018

Friederike Eveline Thiemt

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Used one Filter (photoshop on iPhone)

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Patricia Lake, Jasper AB Oct 19 2016 I am a German, lived in Mexico for quite some time before I met the man of my life (a wonderful Canadian;)). My whole family lives in Germany and I wasn't able to see them for a long time. I moved to Canada in Dec 2015. My mum was able to come visit us in October and I took her for a road trip for 14 days. We were able to reconnect and it meant the world to me to show her the place that I now call home. In the last 10 years we´ve had a difficult relationship, going through a lot of ups and downs. We had the time of our lives as mother and daughter. I took so many photos of her, smiling, on an emotional rollercoaster and I could finally see her enjoying herself in my company again. We cried a lot, but we were just happy to have this time together and we learned a lot about each other. This picture is my moms favourite, because we sat down, talked for hours and enjoyed our beautiful view. It was the perfect day for us and this picture represents the darker, sad moments my mom and I went through, but also the distance between us but will never separate us again and the beauty of our relationship- we never gave up on each other, even if it was very hard sometimes. I love her from the bottom of my heart and this picture represents my hope that she will never give up on me.... Love is all that matters...

About the Author

Friederike Eveline Thiemt

I was born in Germany in 1985, went to Mexico as an Exchange Student when I was 15, travelled my whole life a lot., lived and worked in Spain, Argentina and Mexico before I moved to the country I call home now: Canada. I love to be behind the camera, take my little buddy and my equipment wherever I go, I love to travel, my family, can't be without books and I am the happiest because I met my amazing spouse with whom I can share this wonderful, unique life with.

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