Lollipop in Santa Barbara

May 26, 2018

Aubrey Sturgeon

How the Photo was Taken

I took this photo with a Minolta SRT 201 film camera. I love film cameras because it really makes you consider all the aspects of the photo. It also makes you consider what is most important to capture because you only have twenty-four or thirty-six possible photos. I edited this photo minimally with Lightroom. I love the organic look to film photos so I don’t adjust more than maybe the exposure, shadows, and highlights.

Photo Location

I took this photo in Santa Barbara California, where I live. There's a part of town us locals call "The Funk Zone" full of wineries and clubs, but most importantly, rich culture. Though this part of town are the train tracks that run from Santa Barbara down toward Los Angeles. This photo was during the afternoon when I saw two people walking past the tracks to get to the fish restaurant across the way. I enjoy this photo because it can leave different stories and impressions on people.

About the Author

Aubrey Sturgeon

My name is Aubrey Sturgeon and I am a fifteen year old girl who lives in Santa Barbara California. When I'm not out and about taking photos on my film camera, I'm play lacrosse or making short videos with my digital camera. I'd like to get more exposure on my Instagram photos because I believe people will enjoy them and I like to make people happy.

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