Lady in the Water in India

Dec 19, 2018

Nithish Prajwal

How the Photo was Taken

This is a photo of my girlfriend taken in Gokarna, India.

It was taken under water using a GoPro 3. As far as image correction goes, I’ve only added a “noir” filter to it as opposed to the original color photo.

Why do I like this photo? I consider this one of my best photos because it was such a spontaneous shot and everything turned out to be so wonderful. No fancy equipments or image corrections. Just a plain old black and white filter to do the trick. It’s also stuck to the style of my photographs, especially the ones that feature my girlfriend. I’ve always maintained a composition style that never/barely shows her face. I’ve always wanted her to be this enigmatic character in my Instagram profile. And most people always tell me, “we’ve seen so many photos with her in it, but we’ve never seen her face”. So that’s a nice feeling that somebody’s is curious to know how she looks but I’ve always been a tease of sort.

Moreover, this girl has been my biggest inspiration to wander more and explore the world. We’ve had many adventures together and I hope we have many more of such.

I’m not a professional photographer. All the photos I take either from my phone or from my girlfriends GoPro.

If this story interests you, do check out my instagram profile for more 🙂

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  1. You don’t need top gadgets to get the best photos. You just need a good eye and talent. This is just stunning! Sara

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