Faith in Time in the USA

Mar 19, 2018

Stephanie Dalce

How the Photo was Taken

I took this photo with my iPhone. There is no filter but there was a couple in the ocean that I cropped out.

Photo Location

This photo was taken on September 3rd at sunrise on South Beach. It represents my faith being restored in two things: My timing in relationships and my relationship with time. Time is by far my biggest struggle. It’s either I’m too early or too late but I never seem to be on time. My last relationship, for instance, ended just as soon as I was considering a real future. Allegedly I spent too much time feeling things out and we had hit a wall in which we were “just friends”. I can’t say that I bought that excuse but I was too tired of explaining myself and the growth that both of us needed. After everything, I find myself asking: Is nine months too long to consider your relationship before giving the better part of your future to someone? Should you be over it at a certain point? Did we make a mistake? Is it too late? Clearly I was blindsided and my main nemesis, time, was at the helm. These were the questions and ideas plaguing me right before heading off to South Beach for an extended weekend. I was unconsciously hoping to fix my relationship with time on this trip. What I got was far beyond anything I desired and everything I needed. In a strange beach cruiser encounter about a block away from my hotel, I met an unpredictable man with a keen eye and a sharp intuition. He knew that I was going through something deeper than I led on and took me on a journey through his version of Miami: Beach cruising in between human traffic, swinging in the park during the wee hours of the morning, getting free pizza, and sneaking onto the beach after hours. At the beach, all I could do was stare wearily at the black ocean. It taunted me, the tides rising and falling, making me feel insignificant and invisible. I could only describe what I felt in one phrase: look but don’t touch; you fear this but you should respect it. I thought of my recent breakup and I sobbed. There were many things unresolved but I knew I couldn’t go back. Despite my deep sadness, the realization that I had the maturity and soundness of mind to let something go that wasn’t good for me made me smile a long and deep smile that carried me through the rest of my good and bad reveries. As I rummaged through my mental and emotional baggage, the sun slowly nudged its way on the horizon. It had been 24 hours of deep conversation with a total stranger wherein we discussed many things that were on our minds: how to trust again, what we wanted out of life, and how to find our true happiness. Punctuated by the rising and setting of the sun and in the span of merely 24 hours, we had managed to rehabilitate ourselves for the better and for the next phases of our lives. The photo represents the natural passage of time in front of my eyes. It made me appreciate the spaces in time which allow you to grow and it made me realize that I shouldn’t rush through life. Meeting my new friend, his name is Jeff by the way, I realized that strong relationships can be forged out of many circumstances and time is not always a factor in their strength. My faith in time was restored when I realized that it was on my side, I just had to choose what exactly I wanted to do with it.

About the Author

Stephanie Dalce

I am a writer based in Philadelphia trying to find myself through art and create my own vision. I write to express and I want to help. I feel the most at peace when I'm reading and writing. It's slowly becoming the greatest passion of my life.

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