Essaouria, City of Cats, Morocco

May 9, 2018

Fabian Schreyer

How the Photo was Taken

I took this photo with a Fuji X100 (23mm, f2 lens). As a street photographer I never alter my images. It’s a candid photograph showing a moment of everyday life, that lasted only for a second.

Photo Location

During my recent trip to Morocco, in spring 2017, I stopped for a few days in Essaouira. Th coastal town in the west of Morocco is not only "the windy city", but also a city of cats. One morning after sipping a fresh orange juice on one of the stands close to the harbour, I witnessed a special encounter between 2 cats and a seagull and was luckily prepared to record this special moment.

About the Author

Fabian Schreyer

Fabian Schreyer is a freelance pr-agent, journalist and photographer from Augsburg/Germany and co-founder of the international street photography collective The Street Collective. Roaming with the camera through the streets turned out to be the best way to raise his awareness for the hidden secrets of everyday life. What he occasionally brings home from his urban explorations are split seconds of the lives of perfect strangers that unveil his fascination for the poetry underlying the mundane.

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