Early morning commute on the world’s oldest teakwood bridge (U Bein Birdge, Myanmar)

Apr 14, 2018

Mike N

How the Photo was Taken

I took this photo using my 10 year old DSLR (Canon Rebel XTI, Tamron 17-50). The photo was slightly altered (lightened only) using the very basic, built-in windows photo viewer.

Photo Location

I took this photo around sunrise at the U Bein Bridge in Mandalay, Myanmar in March 2016. During the hour I spent trying to photograph this bridge, there was this hazy sky that I was hoping would clear. As the sun came up, it actually gave the sky and water this orange tinge that I soon grew to love. I found photo spot that would allow me to get a reflection. In the photo, from top to bottom, everything sort of blends together (sky, trees, water, water reflection, sky reflection). Traffic on the bridge was mainly monks and locals going about their daily commute. I waited quite sometime before I was able to get this cyclist without anyone else in the photo. Without the cyclist, the photo is actually quite confusing because it just looks like an abstract geometric image.

About the Author

Mike N

I live in Canada, and I take photos as a hobby. I try to travel as much as possible. I'm in my mid thirties, and I recently quit my job to go on a 1+ year trip to South America and Asia.

Website : Instagram: ngster1x

Twitter : none

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