Child is the Father of Man in India

Mar 9, 2019

Ashutosh Kumar Tewari

How the Photo was Taken

Clicked by A7III, 50mm Canon with MC 11 adapted n polariser on. The place is Veili Beach, Trivandrum, Kerala India. Editing LR n Snapseed.

Photo Location

Shot at Veili Beach Trivandrum Kerala India

About the Author

Ashutosh Kumar Tewari

I love life, traveling, clicking, poetry, sketching, drawing and human relationships. Am a Life Coach n have no regret in life. Blissful.

Website :

Twitter : Ashutosh Tewar16

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One response to “Child is the Father of Man in India

  1. Indeed, Child is the Father of Man. I am happy for this honor of having my photo published on We Said Go Travel and can already feel the child in me getting emotional. I take this opportunity to call on the entire community to always keep one thing in mind. Whatever happens to all of us in life – the good, bad & ugly ; we’ll never forget to keep the child in us alive!
    Once again thank you to We Said Go Travel for publishing my photo. Namaste.

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