Budapest, you are BEAUTIFUL

Jul 18, 2018

Marija Andonovska

How the Photo was Taken

I took this photo with my Nikon l840 and edited it with VSCOCam.

Photo Location

23th of May. First day of my school trip. We were traveling in the bus whole night, waiting on the station for about 8 hours and i was feeling so sick. I thought "Why did I even came to this trip, I should have stayed home in my comfort zone". Then we made it to the town too tired and without energy for the day because of the sleepless night. We couldn't go to the zoo-we lost a lot of time. But the town it was beautiful. All those beautiful buildings, they took my attention. I was looking around admiring the beauty of this light rich town who is not alike the place that i come from. They took us to this place called Fisherman's Bastion. We went inside and started walki g around looking at ths place. And then we saw the town from up above. I was schoked. I just couldn't stop looking amd that beautiful town at those buildings and the river Dunabe. I was ashamed of the things that i was thinkong before they were apsurd. While looking at that panorama everyrhing was worth it: the sleepless night, the sickness. I forgot all of it. All rhat i said to myself was "I am so glad i am here, this is magical". My happines was overload. Than i saw this beautiful statue and took this hreat photo of it that i truly love because it reminds me of that day that will forever stat in my heart. That night we went cruising on Dunabe. Those bridges and light beautiful buildings are things that will forever stay with me in my heart. Memories that will never disappear. And then I realized what life is about. Life is about adventures, making memories, seeing things, traveling. People think ths most important thing in life are tho money. But no, money fill your pocket, but adventures fill yohr soul. That's when i realized what happiness is, what living life to the fullest is. It is not staying in your comfort zone it is facing.our fears.and having the courage to see beyound what we do every day. We have nothing to lose and a whole world to see.

About the Author

Marija Andonovska

I am Marija, 17 years old girl coming from small town in Macedonia. I am studying in local high school. I love animals, books, life. I am a feminist and passionantly lovd photography and travelling. My goal in life is to trae as much as I can.

Website : Instagram- @andonovskamarija

Twitter : I don't have a twitter.

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2 responses to “Budapest, you are BEAUTIFUL

  1. I love Budapest. It’s is a beautiful and underrated European city. We’ve been a few times and each time we return we discover more and more amazing features of this city.

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