Blue Dragonfly in USA

Jul 20, 2018

Ginger McDowell

How the Photo was Taken

Mobile phone

Photo Location

I took this photo while walking a nature trail in Portsmouth, Va. I chose this photo because it allowed me to take its picture and it is beautiful. It shows the detail in their wings, something we don't always notice as they are flying by.

About the Author

Ginger McDowell

I love taking photos of nature, doorways, and walkways. Photography has always fascinated me.

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8 responses to “Blue Dragonfly in USA

  1. I love the picture you took of the Blue Dragonfky. I love Dragonfly’s. That was the prettiest one I have seen.

  2. You should check out the blue dragon fly photo I took a few days ago before seeing this post and smiling. It was my profile picture (modal tones) on facebook. I’ll chane it back for a while, so if there is any interest, you’ll catch a glimpse .

  3. I have a blue dragonfly that comes to me every morning in my pool and plays with my wife and I and lands on my finger and head beat that here is my pic of him on my finger

  4. This is so beautiful Ginger is my daughter. She is talented in so many ways thank you Ginger.

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