Big Kids in New Zealand

Feb 5, 2019

Karen Rose

How the Photo was Taken

This photo was taken with my Olympus camera, a small treasure that has more dents and drops than anything else I own! The photo was then enhanced using the standard Apple photo enhance icon.

Photo Location

This photo was taken during a Queen Charlotte Track walk in Marlborough Sounds New Zealand. We walked just an hour or so from our batch in Marlborough and found this beautiful clearing where the water was reflecting the mountains so perfectly, as is common across the landscape of New Zealand.

About the Author

Karen Rose

My name is Karen Rose and I am a Travel Writer at I am hugely passionate about eco-tourism and transformative travel. Specifically, I aim to: 1. Inspire people to explore their homes by sharing my passion for the UK and the other places we have lived. 2. Encourage natural based travel with focus on animal welfare, vegan food and outdoor adventures. 3. Ignite responsible travel in the next generation by motivating families to enjoy travel together.

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Twitter : @karenrosewriter

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