Balloons Over Bagan

Jun 18, 2018

Pyae Phyo Thet Paing

How the Photo was Taken

I use Canon 5D mark iii and use Photoshop CC for light and color adjustment .

Photo Location

Bagan is the ancient capital city of Burma (Myanmar) .Bagan is one of the travel iconic place in the world . It is also historical city of Myanmar. At the morning , Balloon over Bagan and coming sun over Bagan are like the golden art. The Beauty of Bagan Sunrise and sunset time are so inspire for me . The best feeling for my traveling. I feel my country beautiful taste in Bagan. So , Bagan is one of my landscaping area in my feeling.

About the Author

Pyae Phyo Thet Paing

My father bought point-and-shot small film camera for me at my middle-school-student life about 2005. At 2011 , I started to try for my professional photographer life. As for me, photography is the one of the media for the art to communicate between people. I think my camera is my paint-brush to paint the things that my seeings with eyes and my feelings with mind. Especially ,My most interesting is travel photography . I like to travel and to shoot the scenery , people and their tradition.

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